What’s going on for you?

What is going on for you?

Have you too many mental cogs spinning?

Do you feel life is pushing too many complex challenges and problems at you and you are uncertain how to manage them effectively?

Are you looking for a new dimension in leadership that engages the best in your team and you?

How volatile are you if things are not going your way in sport?

How confident are you about what to do next in your life, sport or business?


Do you hear yourself saying, ‘’I’ve tried everything, no use trying again, people don’t change, no-one is listening, I’m bad at this, I’m too old for that?’’

MACsync helps you understand the self-chat.

MACsync is not complicated.

MACsync puts your work life balance, back in balance, it clarifies emotion, it helps reduce the anxiety and stress from daily living by employing less techniques?

Imagine ‘doing less’ and ‘being more clear minded’ to support your natural capacity!

Swimmer in road

Is your thinking real?

It is difficult to separate feelings and thoughts, so you tend to create ‘a feeling as you are thinking’ experience of life. Does it help to know that you feel every thought / memory?  Your experience of life has become your particular way of ‘seeing it,’ – at the moment?

Mindfulness’ is the ‘Awareness’ of feelings and thoughts as they arise. Acknowledging that anything could pop into your head and accepting whatever pops up with no judgment and less engagement is where your journey really begins. – If you were to practice this, would you notice anything? This objective attention, applied moment by moment, is the nominal mindset for a creative mind, a mind of calm curiosity and innate ‘Clarity.’

When you get used to it!

The first step is being curious, then it’s about being more aware of you…being kind and forgiving to yourself – even with all the mental chatter.

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