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What do our habits point to?
Our circumstances?
Yeah, makes sense…because we can confidently point the finger at something we see or hear or something we feel no end of anxiety about?

Easy…that’s the problem out there!

Way to easy though…and that’s why we get stuck in the ‘outside in’ misunderstanding.
The brain wants an easy solution…drink, rage, guilt, shame, drugs etc.
So…more often than not, we get an easy solution to an easily identifiable problem.
However, remember what I’ve been pointing to!
Our experience, is our thinking in the moment and we have to think it, to feel it…so our habit is really a thinking problem first!
It’s a thinking problem…before it’s a drinking problem!
It’s a thinking problem…before it;s an anger problem!
It’s a thinking problem…before it’s a stress problem, etc. etc.
Try giving your wise mind a chance.
Pause…step back and breathe…understand the rapid response of the brain, ‘the urge.’ Give it a moment…the ‘mind,’ that wise mind of yours knows that habit is an inside job!
Being aware of this and not being a victim of it, gets you pointing in a different direction.
It’s not a process or strategy, its a human dimension to be transformed…when we see it.
Habits are sourced internally, they are invisible variables, we can feel them…we just cant see them!
That’s why we do not recognise, relate or resolve them well!

If you are caught up in any physical or mental habit, I can help that.
Let’s get you pointing in a different direction. Pointing where the habit is free thinking, peace of mind, resilience, creative and passionate thoughts about your future and relief from stress.
It’s not connected to any circumstance, person or thing in your life!
Understanding your thinking…your experience, could bring a different habit.
See for yourself what it brings.

Talk soon.
Gary Mac