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Use your radar and raise your leadership, game or your life skills

Use your personal radar

Following last week, let me stay with the basic premise of “pause… breathe…and see what you see…however, try to expand on the gap between any future fearful thinking or ruminating thoughts from the past.
So, what are you thinking, when you are doing something?
Are you aware of any thinking in that moment’s experience? e.g.
– if your work is bothering you, what thoughts are with you in the moment and relating to…where you are, what you are doing or who you are with?
Being mindful and aware of any thoughts becomes a higher-level brain function…if that is, you do not engage those thoughts.
It is like a radar check on your circumstances. You know what is ‘out there’ [maybe someone is behaving badly,] but you have not responded!
Any ‘rapid response’ thoughts are mostly conditioned thoughts, that when repeated, will hard wire to a pattern and that usually reveals itself as a physical habit.
The habit is your lower brain’s way of calming the angst. Well meaning perhaps, but left unchecked, ‘hey presto’ you have a constant source of mental angst and physical habit to boot.
If conflict or negativity is in your ‘work experience,’ it is in your thinking!
How you perceive your experience is always, ‘inside out,’ in your thinking.
Understanding this helps you respond to your ‘work experience’ more productively. You can apply a higher-level brain function and like the radar check, pause…breathe…see what you see – out there – but be mindful and aware inside…especially when you come to challenging any bad behaviours in others.
Onward and upward,
Talk soon.
Gary Mac #mindful # awareness # clarity

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