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What-ever is happening around you, understand that your brain will want to ‘RANT‘ about some of this experience.
That is your ‘rapid response’ I talk about. [Your brain needing to protect you from threats it ‘believes’ you are experiencing…feeding anger, anxiety, insecurity.]
Let it ‘rant’…quietly, while you engage your wise mind and heart;
 – pause… breathe…smile from the inside and get curious about the madness!
Nothing knows you better, than -you. However, you rarely find -you- under all the ‘self-ranting,’ layers of clay that keeps you…’outside-in.’
Getting a chance to pause, gives you a chance to mindfully be present with the awareness to find -you- ‘inside-out.
Pay particular attention to current moment thoughts that rise up and flow on-wards…if that is, you stay in the present and place no judgement on them…let them be, see what comes next.
The second your thoughts move into the past or future, know that nothing can be true. Thoughts become fear and anxiety of things yet to happen and things needing left behind.
Rant on‘… quietly, then smile from the inside and let your mind and heart see what comes next.
Gary Mac