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Getting a grip on 2019

Got a firm hold on 2019?

Getting a proper grip on 2019 will benefit from sidelining unhelpful habits that distract you from your passion.
– Be aware of the ‘urge’ that nudges your ‘sense of comfort’…ask yourself, what feelings stimulate any action toward a backward step…’a temporary cure for what ails you?’ This feeling will move on if you let it.

Understand the natural flow of your thoughts… be mindful [judge nothing and get curious] about thoughts that make you smile from the inside….see where they take you.
Understand your experience with more awareness? Understand that you see all external events through your unique perspective. This creates your real experience from any event, and can often be…that nudge I spoke of earlier… the ‘urge’ coming to life. If it feels troublesome, let it pass, or do something energetic. Remember, your experience is never the event itself, it is how you see it that affects you, so step aside and focus on uncovering your passion and purpose.

If you need support getting a better grip on 2019 and developing your capacity to thrive.
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Get a proper hold on 2019