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Getting a grip on 2019

Well… hows your grip on 2019 developing?

We have a loose grip on things when our personal thinking and distracting habits become our controlling elements…however they can be sidelined. 
Get a stronger grip on your ‘in built,’ innate thinking…it shows you a different ‘reality’… your inner creative intellect, a quieter space from where you develop your natural capacity and intrinsic purpose. These default elements are ready and waiting for you under all the personal noise. This understanding eventually relieves you of distracting habits and troublesome personalised stories that play again and again in your mind.

You don’t need to be the ‘guy,’ the next big thing, have a USP, be super independent or generate an image that you ‘feel’ people expect or want to see. 
It’s all BS…and all this BS keeps you stuck, unable to move on, or see it as it really is!

You have a better, long term ‘cure for what ails you’…it is the real you under all the noise and distracting habits.

Understand the true nature of thoughts and feelings first, then anything is possible.

Getting a proper grip of those quiet moments in your life will help you realise the value of the ‘moment,’ where slowly but surely, what you value most, becomes visible through the fog of personal thinking.

You have a significant capacity beyond the anxiety and stress of emotional self chat that keeps you spinning like a rickety, noisy, ‘mental merry-go-round!’
I can help you get off the ‘mental merry-go-round.’
I can help you quiet the mind and see your true capacity to thrive.

Talk soon,

Gary Mac.