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A trick of the mind!

Is it a trick of the mind or do we seem to be getting the ‘same-old, same-old’ out of life?
It is not surprising really because we tend to do the same things, most of the time. It seems our brains work in a predictable ways to predictable thoughts. After all, the brain wants simplicity and works quickly to relieve itself of tasks, just like our ‘on guard’ limbic system reacting to help us survive real or perceived threats…it has been doing it for ever and ‘it does what it does.’
Our ‘on guard’ system can jump in on lots of experiences E.g. The effects of being a victim of cyber bullying;

“thoughts of needing to be different, having a more exciting life, looking better, I don’t like the ‘me’ I see, or compared to others, I’m crap!”

Our ‘on guard’ limbic system is stimulated because there is a ‘powerful urge’ to do something…there seems to be a challenge, or a perceived threat. With no input from our rational brain, off we go, ‘doing what we do.’ Then, our thinking brain catches up and with the aid of some ruminating we pile conditioned thinking with perceived meaning on top, [not so rational after all.] 
Our brains do an amazing job in convincing us that our experience is coming from somewhere other than our thinking. We can be fooled into believing that all sorts of situations outside of us are responsible for our feelings. This innocent misunderstanding causes us to believe we are separate from the experience, or the victim of it. In this state of mind, we, are unsatisfactory compared to ‘out there!’
However, these thoughts are not, ‘out there,’ they are generated inside and you feel…all of them. Your feelings are only ever coming from thought and this is our experience. Our feelings only seem to be coming from somewhere other than thought in the moment, it’s a trick of the mind!

A trick of the mind

Understanding that our behaviour is based on automated systems and an ‘out there’ misunderstanding, it may be easier to do something different, not ‘same old – same old.’

It is similar to looking at stress differently. Sure, stress is around, if you ‘think it!’
You have to ‘think it,’ to experience it!
However your anxious or stressful feelings are telling you about your thinking, not your life.
Step back…pause…breathe, let those thoughts –march on– and allow yourself to get back in the flow of what you love.
If the urge comes again… step back …pause…breathe and get back in the flow of what you love…again!
Practice makes perfect.

As you step back, try relating to it differently…as we would a movie…enjoy it, be sad, get angry, then momentarily get over it, be more objective about it but don’t ‘be in it,’ don’t get tricked… be free.

Free your mind

Talk soon 
Gary Mac