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A few fundamental principles are at play when athletes are in the ‘flow’ or ‘zone.’ Understanding and then replicating this is the challenge for most.  When I combine a calmer physiological state with a deeper understanding of innate thought,  I have experienced the greater shift, and know it is the shift that can provide top performances from others consistently. You can learn a lot more about the inner game form Garrett Kramer founder of ‘Inner Sports’

I have used the simplest of the ‘Coherence’ breathing techniques to prepare myself and others for competition. I use it in sport and also in general life to establish the mindful baseline from which to build on (the present moment which facilitates 'the flow state.') Complete Coherence, has worked closely with the GB Rowing Team over the last four-five years and in particular in the run up to the Olympic Games in Rio.

Sir David Tanner, Team GB Leader for Rowing, said:

"With three outstanding golds and two superb silvers, our 26 rowing medallists have done TeamGB proud at these Olympics. 26 rowers will be returning home having achieved their dreams here in Rio. To be top of the rowing medal table for the third successive Olympics is something to be truly proud of."

So some questions for you to ponder

  • When clear minded do you feel there is unmet potential in your talent?
  • How much do you trust your skills?
  • How do you mentally prepare and perform?
  • How much do you think about your competition, as opposed to your own strengths?
  • What does focusing on the task and staying in the game mean?
  • How often do you beat yourself, before the opposition get there?
  • Are you thinking about the result or your performance?
  • How do you learn to be better as opposed to following directions? There is so much more than positive thought to high performance, (in fact less is more!)
  • What causes you frustration or anger? How much do you chastise yourself for being angry? Where are the feelings coming from?
  • How do you deal with defeat?

  • How honest are you with your coach?

  • What preoccupations causes you to lack focus during competition?

  • What does ‘flow’ or ‘in the zone’ mean to you?

  • Do you recognise internal dialogue, ‘chatter’?

  • How do you regroup emotionally when things are not going your way?


You can have more control from better understanding of your thinking to achieve the highest performances? The coach can’t perform for you! It has to come from within. You have the capacity! Have you the curiosity and flexibility to try something a little different?

You don’t need the ‘ego,’ the old school coach usually has enough to go around.

Working more on the moment, focusing on the task, no matter the result, is key.  Thinking about all the techniques you should be deploying is, quite frankly thinking too much.

Pointing  towards a higher understanding of your mindset, 'your thoughts in the moment,' improves your attitude, knowledge, skills and takes you to another level.

Of course you need to work on skills, really work, but with the authentic desire that comes with mental clarity, so that when the time comes that inner strength and knowledge takes over and you flow.

You are unique, your mind-set is your most powerful asset, however, it is so superhighway connected to your body that we can benefit from understanding better how it affects your performance.

What is most important to you right now?