Personal Life

Personal Life

In an uncertain and complex world with so many fast paced technologies giving us little or no mental rest, we have become vulnerable to ‘’down time.’’ Even to be seen as not to too busy, may make us anxious. People might think we don’t have a life!  Who are we trying to please or impress? Do we see anxiety and stress as normal? Is too much pressure a given in our lives?

How many of us relax? I mean really take away the noise, the distractions and put our heads in neutral for a while? Do we even know how?

When we learn to pause, breathe rhythmically and allow our thoughts to flow, we will start to see things differently.

Hamster Wheel


Perhaps the hamster wheel is spinning so fast you can’t jump off, or worse still, you think it is normal!

How many times have I heard, “yes, I would like to, but not at the moment, my diary is chokkas!”

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Some questions for you to ponder.

Do you have good Ideas, but just struggle with procrastination, or self- doubt? Is it a confidence issue to take the next step?

  • Are you cultivating multiple options but confused as to which is the right option?
  • Do you feel something else is holding you back, a belief that limits your actions? Do thoughts clutter in your head and nothing seems clear?
  • Whose agenda are you following? Do you let others get their way as your feelings seem to say, ‘’sorry, I will do that for you?’’ Are you apologising even before  saying anything?
  • How much anxiety do you feel? Is worry or stress a major part of your day?
  • Is life always a drama? Do you get angry too quickly, respond sometimes too rashly?
  • Is it all or nothing? e.g. “I always do that!’’ or ‘’I will never be good like that!’’

Or, do you feel so unique, different enough, that you find it difficult to ‘’fit in?’’

How aware of you, are you? How accepting of you, are you, faults and all?

  • Do you always feel, it’s the worst thing that could ever happen?
  • Do you blame yourself for everything?

What about your physical health?

– Exercise and nutritional balance is such a basic requirement that we sometimes ignore these needs as we busy ourselves chasing ‘other things,’ believing, these ‘things’ will make us feel better.

“I’ll be happier when….’’ This great ‘outside in race’ of modern life has given us an unusual appreciation of what is out of reach, or, when we get it, we simply want more.

‘Things’ rarely make us happy in the long term. What will, is being true to our values, paying attention to our insights and really trusting ourselves.

So, it makes sense to re-evaluate your lifestyle choices. The benefits of MAC overlap and are cumulative. Little authentic steps of passion towards better physical and mental well-being is very achievable.

If ongoing research continues to reveal that you can ‘’opt in’’ by  raising personal awareness and mental clarity we all should consider more frequent mindful periods. This puts us on the cusp of a lifestyle change that is transformational. MAC can support your decision making that ultimately allows you to take advantage of exciting and profound lifestyle changes.

So, why don’t you join me?

Would you like to find out more about Mindful Awareness and Clarity and what could it mean to you?

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