My Journey

My Journey

I have worked in the NHS as an Orthodontic Dental Technician where I also completed Adult teaching certs. I worked in Retail Sports Management and spent 27 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Clinical Nutrition sector as Accounts Manager for Northern Ireland. Along the way I was training sales executives and NHS staff on a variety of Nutritional topics and workshops such as stress management and presentation skills.

In my private time, I spent over 30 years as a sports coach with qualified Certs in senior rugby and senior ladies field hockey.

With more than 30 years of coaching, skills training, teaching and management, I was always keen to understand more about the impact of my messages by developing better leadership skills.

I was interested in learning, but more so seeing others developing around me. It ignites my passion for coaching to this day. It was telling me something at a deeper level, so I continued doing what I thought was right, in my conditioned way, hamster wheel spinning, I kept busy, learning stuff.

So, although I had previously interested myself in Bandler’s NLP theory and all the self-help books I could get my hands on, I seemed to do a lot of stuff but not be the enlightened leader I was being promised. So much for marketing!

I had dipped in and out of Freud’s ‘Psychoanalysis,’ Skinner’s ‘Conditioning’ and Jung’s ‘Archetypes of collective unconscious.’ Then Ferrucci’s ‘Psychosynthesis,’ Roberto Assagioli’s ‘Egg,’ which is fascinating by the way and of course Maslow’s ‘Levels of human development.’ I was trying hard to integrate my learning.

Then came humanistic psychology, portraying the nature of the healthy personality, personal responsibility and choice. Carl Roger’s ‘psychology of personality.’ Through a foray of self actualisation and then the field of transpersonal psychology, with its focus on higher states of consciousness, spirituality, and human experiencing beyond the individual self. Ohhmmmm!

I was still left somewhat uninspired. I am 56 for heaven’s sake and still something was missing.

I came across a quote, something Anthony de Mello said.

“Wisdom tends to grow in proportion to one’s awareness of one’s ignorance.”

It stopped me for a moment and I looked in a slightly different direction.

It’s about other people not me! That was the right focus so I needed a transformational shift, and started focusing inward, more on my passion. With one insight after another whilst embarking on the Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Personal Life Coaching with the EMCC, things started to feel more natural.

I re-evaluated and checked into what was really important to me. Looking in the right place was difficult, however my intuition said, ask more questions, listen more, and keep searching. So along came, Daniel Goleman, Daniel Kahneman, then Gestalt theory, William James, Ken Wilber.  NLP had tuned out of my bandwidth.

Then, John Whitmore’s opened an interesting door into transformational management and coaching from ‘the inside out.’

As a coach I was focusing more on the ‘now’ and the potential of the future with honest reality, clarity of mind and non-judgemental appraisals.  I was learning more about authentic engagement, empowered, enlightened, non-directional leadership, entrusting responsibility through heightened awareness. Transformational change. So I felt something stir, I was on the right track.

Then out of nowhere!

Jamie Smart, author of ‘Clarity,’ and that led to Michael Neill’s book ‘The Inside Out Revolution,’ and latterly Garret Kramer’s ‘Still Power’ with ‘Inside out’ sports psychology and then ‘Coherence’ by Dr Alan Watkins   Also, ‘Heart Intelligence’ from Dr Rollin McCraty and Doc Childre, Howard Martin, Deborah Rozman.

The light came on.

‘’no matter how long someone has been stumbling around in the dark, when the lights come on, they have two choices. They can beat themselves up for the damage they did when it was dark, or they can be grateful for the light.’’ Author Unknown to me, but I love it!


Sometimes it takes time, but if you’re looking in the right direction you will find it.

What I thought was going to be another self-help book on the bookshelves at the airport made a step up difference in my understanding of the human condition. ‘CLARITY,’ by Jamie Smart.   I jumped straight in, bought it “without thinking,’’ it was truly a moment of intuitive clarity. I read it almost cover to cover, and since then I have probably re-read it 3 or 4 times. Books don’t usually do this to me.  Jamie seemed to explain why and I was captured by it. It was more about the truth of the human condition and not about learning techniques of how to fix what was broken.

Because nothing is broken!

What a relief!

It was about better understanding the nature of thought, the power of our minds and how consciousness is creating the experience we see and feel as real. This was truly insightful and as I said earlier, all the learning was good but not nearly good enough. It’s about a deeper understanding that creates a vertical shift, a transformational shift as you can learn to recognise what actually is an enlightened thought.

After reading Jamie Smart’s first book CLARITY, I took responsibility for re-igniting my passion for coaching in a new way.

Also when I read Dr Alan Watkin’s work,  He explained and confirmed a lot about my own thinking on enlightened leadership.

Equally interesting and from a similar stable was an understanding of coherence.

So I finished my Advanced Diploma in personal Leadership and Life Coaching with EMCC and was inspired to share this transformation. This helped me underpin and have the confidence to sports coach ‘’inside out’’ and affect the ‘’top three inches’’ with more impact.

If any of this resonates with you, are you looking to make a change? Taking meaningful action… doing something different is where development begins, and personal growth is achieved. If you are not sure, but curious… that’s OK, because being curious is a better place to start, than keeping your head down and doing nothing.