Who am I?

I am Gary Mcilroy and live in Carrickfergus Co.Antrim Northern Ireland. I own and manage www.macsync.co.uk  please see contact page for more information.

What is Life Coaching?

Distinguish Life Coaching from other helping professionals like phycologists, therapists, counsellors, teachers, consultants, and even athletic coaches.

Life coaching is a process that supports your life change from where you are, to where you want to be. Simple as that!

It is non-directive.

It is confidential.

It must be safe and employed within a trusting, respectful, and very honest environment.

My focus;

I really pay attention to you and support your deeper search for knowledge based on your own values. Uncovering intrinsic motivation that has the power to shift your view of the world, that leads to real purposeful, long term change, is the goal. If you see things differently, you will feel different!

So it’s not a fix for now, but hopefully a developmental growth to a better understanding of how you work, and who you are now and what you can be!

I use goal achievement models, however I do not want you to achieve, just short term gains. I would ask you to consider more fundamental principles of your innate thinking processes for mind and body connection. This will open more doors for personal growth and developmental in this volatile, uncertain and complex world we live in.

I want to leave you with understanding and awareness that helps transform your life skills and knowledge that allow you to tap into your own natural capacity to thrive in any situation. I believe this can be done through mindful awareness of your life’s values and understanding that you are not victim to circumstances in your life. I help you uncover more about connecting your heart to your head, and supporting your clarity of mind.

Why Coaching?

Why Is Personal and Professional Coaching in Such High Demand?

Before we define coaching, let’s first look at why it’s so very popular today. In the midst of continual change and development, people rarely get stuck merely because they lack some key piece of information or some precise procedure from a course or a book. Rather, they often get stuck in how they think and feel about themselves or their situations in life and work. People are getting stuck a lot lately. Let’s look at some of a major reasons why:

  • An explosion in the use of global telecommunications has opened up new markets around the globe and this has dramatically increased competition among businesses.
  • To be more competitive, businesses are becoming more responsive to customer needs, including by reorganizing and decentralizing around flatter organizational structures.
  • In addition, organizations are becoming much more sensitive to the different values, opinions and perspectives in the new marketplace and work environments.
  • Consequently, to work effectively, organizations and employees must be continually open and adapting to feedback from their markets and other environments. (This is called continuous learning.)
  • Results of this rapid change include more highly complex challenges and problems in our lives and work.
  • Traditional means to addressing these challenges and problems aren’t working as well as needed.
  • For example, the traditional top-down and autocratic style of leadership isn’t compatible with remaining open to feedback and learning.
  • Complex problems can’t be solved by experts and gurus who lead followers through highly analytic and rational approaches.
  • One-shot training sessions, such as seminars and workshops, aren’t as effective in helping learners to continually learn from their experiences.
  • Consequently, businesses are demanding that training and development services be much more effective in helping people to “learn how to learn” (continuous learning) and apply that learning to the workplace.
  • All of these issues are occurring at the same time that many of us are seeking more meaning in our lives.

Check out the Coaching and Mentoring Network for more information. http://new.coachingnetwork.org.uk/information-portal/what-are-coaching-and-mentoring/

Who is coaching for?

Anyone. With respect to MACsync, anyone who wants a sea change in life, sport or business leadership.

How long are the coaching sessions?

Many coaches work from anything up to six 1 hour sessions. However, it can be more. Everyone is unique so as long as you are benefitting it’s your agenda. After each session, within a day or so there is an opportunity for reflection both for you and importantly for me as your coach. Importantly you need to commit and be honest about your feedback, and any tasks agreed upon. Most importantly you need to be sensing trust, respect and a deep feeling of rapport when engaging with your coach. Otherwise Bail! Look to another.

Bottom line, I can work on session to session, however if you would prefer to commit to a package that’s absolutely fine, why not commit to three?

What is sporting life coaching?

I have 30 years’ experience in sports coaching, rugby, and field hockey, but based on a qualified yet voluntary basis were athletes were not professional, time was of the essence and directive coaching was the norm. I knew I could do better for the athletes and eventually with coming away from direct sports coaching, to a more professional zone where real personal focus quality is much more important than directions.

I focus on the process, not the outcome it’s all about teaching you how to ‘’be present in the now.’’ generating flow, trusting your natural talent and setting authentic achievable targets to be the best you can be. When you generate more confidence in your own healthy self-esteem, challenging your ego to sit down, progress can be measurable. I very much concentrate on the thought- feeling connection backed by improving the brain body connection. Imagine what not thinking about your swing, your shot, your time, your result would feel like. Just understanding that you are not affected by results is a big challenge for athletes, but it’s true, and more.

How much does it cost?

Free Skype call to establish next steps before any financial commitment. Commitment for 3 sessions is discounted. Currently fees are £25 per hour session.  Workshops are £15 pp.  A typical two and a half hour workshop can be tailored by request. Tea /Coffee snacks are extra.

Workshops are particularly useful when like-minded groups of 8 or less have a interest in developing their  mindfulness, awareness  or mental clarity.

However, it costs nothing to ask!

After a free chat or skype, we can decide if it’s right for you.

What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching helps take the ego out of management and replaces it with authentic, enlightened leadership. It develops a mind-set based on the connection you create with your team and your customers, improving the customer experience, and helping you inspire personal performances. It helps develop vertical shifts and transformational change that keeps you and your team ahead of your competition.

It does all of this by building your awareness of natural insights that improve your mental clarity, helping you be in the present moment ore often. It takes you away from firefighting and gives you clearer direction. It supports a creative base, to help you take novel, ground breaking strides in your given field. It broadens your problem solving techniques intuitively. It helps you develop personal connections with better rapport and supports you to engage with change without fear of outcome. You will find more resolve, and focus. MOST IMPORTANTLY it shows you the difference between ego and authenticity,

as you empower more, direct less, and your people are led by your passion because they share in it

Coaching and the principles on which it stands, are timeless and global. It is a significant bridge in the evolution from hierarchy to self-responsibility, from autocracy to true democracy, from quantitative consumerism to qualitative sustainability that is being expressed in every field today.

John Whitmore in

What is Mindful with respect to MACsync Life Coaching?

A MINDFUL mind-set {non-judgemental and present moment focus} is ‘paying attention in a particular way’  combined with improved breathing patterns can generate what’s called a coherent state.’  This is not meditation, rather a more natural way of being. We already breathe and think, it’s just ‘paying attention to them in a particular way’ that’s key.  Don’t forget, your heart is also a major player in a supportive physiological and psychological baseline that, if we ‘pay attention to our hearts in a particular way’ we will benefit from greater ‘awareness’ of our thoughts and insights.

What is AWARENESS with respect to MACsync Life Coaching?

AWARENESS of the ‘innate nature of thought,’ and greater awareness of who we really are can be insightful. Awareness is your consciousness shining a light on what your feelings are telling you i.e. your experience of every day life. Are you shining light on negative thoughts and feelings? Well you can change that. Insights will allow you to support more present moment thinking and support decision making with more clarity.

(Jamie Smart Ltd. has allowed reproduction of his content above however does not endorse me or macsync.co.uk life coaching.)

What is CLARITY with respect to MACsync Life Coaching?

CLARITY supports resilience, intuition, creativity and will help you entertain less fearful future thinking and less troubling thoughts from the past. Clarity will shine a brighter light on the connection between your thoughts and feelings, or put another way, the mood you are in. Clarity explains more about the perceptions that create your experience of life, and the behaviour you reveal.