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Archive for May 2019

Expand what is inside.

Maybe we need to think out-side the box to create more space inside… for ourselves. There is a lot of noise outside the box and we are conditioned to paying attention to it e.g. social media, unrealistic expectations, trying to be everything to everyone, or trying to be a perfect, or worst still a perfect…

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Use your radar and raise your leadership, game or your life skills

Following last week, let me stay with the basic premise of “pause… breathe…and see what you see…however, try to expand on the gap between any future fearful thinking or ruminating thoughts from the past. So, what are you thinking, when you are doing something? Are you aware of any thinking in that moment’s experience? e.g.…

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Temperatures are rising, however too much – thought – is still causing brain freeze and cold hearts. – worry, anger, fear, loneliness, sadness, anxiety, stress etc. Pause …breathe… and explore the gap between past and future thoughts. See what you see when you sit in this moment…use your senses for a moment! I know it’s…

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