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Archive for February 2018

Why our physiology is important

THE VALUE OF OUR PHYSIOLOGY? Hi Guys, Gary Mac here. We all have a natural capacity to improve our physical as well as our mental wellbeing. So far, we have checked out ‘innate thought’ and ‘inside out understanding.’ What about our physiology? Did you know these things about your heart? (HeartMath Institute) So, we also…

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Hi Guys. Gary Mac here. Just something I found real fun to watch, Pixar’s ‘Inside out,’ can you guess why? LOL! However, the main reason I loved this promo in particular, was ‘More than a feeling’ by Boston, my favourite song of all time! What do you think? Until we chat again, Gary Mac

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What do I mean by Mindful Awareness & Clarity

Mac Sync Life Coaching

Hi, welcome to MACsync Life Coaching. Thanks for checking out the Facebook page – Let me explain what I mean by Mindful Awareness and Clarity.   Einstein; “You will never solve problems using the same thinking you created them with.’’ Understanding more about thought is fundamental. Einstein’s quote was pointing to the fact that we…

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