Macsync Background

MACsync Life Coaching

My name is Gary McIlroy, aka Gary Mac.

MACsync Life Coaching encourages a fresh understanding of factors
fundamental to supporting your physical and mental well-being.

What is going on for you… in your life, your sport or your business leadership?

How many of your thoughts are productive? How many thoughts feel troublesome?

Does life feel balanced, non-irritable, joyful, loving, exciting?

Mindful Awareness & Clarity, is my way of saying pause…. look this way and get curious about how your physiology and psychology can support your natural capacity to thrive. 

Any anxiety that comes with thinking ‘up in your head,’ can easily point to external factors…my job, my relationships, my bank balance, my car, my house. 

  • This is a misunderstanding…your experience [thoughts and feelings in the moment] is internal…not external. 

Being curious about this is the first step toward a quiet and productive mind.

-When new insights drive your understanding, your well-being improves.

-Concrete principles are at play…. if you know where to look.

MACsync supports your mental and physical well being where performance, leadership and creativity thrives.