Macsync Background

MACSYNC Life Coaching

Mindful Awareness & Clarity, Supporting Your Natural Capacity.

My name is Gary McIlroy, aka Gary Mac.

MACsync Life Coaching encourages a fresh understanding of factors
fundamental to supporting your physical and mental well-being.

A vast number of thoughts can feel intrusive, and if misunderstood, overwhelming!

Of the many thoughts per day only 22 are represented in the image above…a small window into our psyche.

How many of these thoughts are productive? How many thoughts feel troublesome?

Mindful Awareness & Clarity, is my way of saying pause…. look this way and become curious about how your physiology and psychology can support your natural capacity for well being, purpose and performance.

I explain how thinking ‘up in your head,’ can provoke the belief that circumstances are the cause of your experience of life and how understanding your feeling / thinking relationship destroys this myth.

  • I guide your mindful practice, to uncover more awareness of how your thoughts and feelings are designed to change and therefore by design are programmed for ‘peace of mind’.
  • I show you how awareness from mindfulness can shift your understanding, not just for peace of mind, but purpose, and performance with a higher level of moment to moment focus and thinking.
  • I point you to principles that acknowledge the nature of ‘mental flow,’ and of acceptance without judgement.

MACsync helps you get back to your designed settings of peace, purpose and clarity of mind.